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How do I search the Store?
There are two key ways of searching the Store: "full search" and search by year.

To utilize the "full search" - you will find a "Search Store" field where you can enter a Keyword. Enter a description of the stamp you're looking for and if it's available, all stamps related to that keyword will display.

To search the Store by year strictly, you will find a field next to the word "Year" and two useful buttons - "Prior Year" and "Next Year". Enter the year you are interested in into this field.

How do I add a stamp or cover to my shopping cart?
Cuba Postal has crafted a "Stamp Pick" system where you can search through thousands of individual stamps to find one to fit that space in your collection.

To view the stamps that are up for sale, click on the stamp you are interested in reviewing for purchase or on the green "Pick" button below it. You have now entered the "Stamp Pick" section of the Store where you can select any stamp to complete your set.

To add a stamp to your shopping cart, click on the shopping cart icon below it. You will see an alert pop up which indicates that the item has been added. You will also notice that the change is reflected in your shopping cart to the top right corner of your screen: "Now in your cart (x items)".

Note: this same process applies for Used Stamps and Covers.

I've added a stamp to my shopping cart that I do not want to purchase - how do I remove it?
A stamp or cover can be removed as simply as it was added. Click on the shopping cart icon below the stamp (lit up in green) to remove the item. You will see an alert indicating the stamp has been removed.

How do I check out and purchase my stamps?
Checking out is easy and safe. You will see multiple "Check Out" buttons throughout the store - this button will lead you to your shopping cart. (You can also click on the shopping cart in the top right section of the site)

To check out, you must have an active and well-standing account with Cuba Postal. (For more information, visit the FAQ section for Accounts and Registration)

After creating your account or logging in, follow the prompts where you will enter your billing and shipping information. After processing your order, you will receive an email confirming your order.

I am only interested in Mint Never Hinged (MNH) stamps - can I filter all the other stamps out?
Yes, Cuba Postal has developed a filtering system for specialists and more advanced collectors. To the left hand side of the store you will find a "Condition" section - here you can select the particular conditions you would like to see. Select "MNH" under Mounting and you will only be shown MNH stamps.

Can I see a larger image of the stamp I am interested in?
Yes, simply click on the stamp or the magnifying glass icon to see the stamp in its blown-up size. In this process, you can see the backside (gum-side) of the stamp. Note: all Mint stamps have the backside shown but many Used Stamps and Covers will solely be one image.

What is the star icon next to shopping cart icon?
Cuba Postal is always looking to help collectors organize their inventory and in that process created a section where members can add an item they are interested in purchasing at a later time to a "Wish List".

To have access to creating a personal Wish List, you must create an account with Cuba Postal. After you have your account active, you can click on the star icon below the item you are interested in adding to your Wish List. You will see an alert notifying you that the item has been added or removed from your Wish List.

Note: if the item you are interested in purchasing is purchased by another member, you will see a "Sold" icon on the item the next time you visit your Wish List.

I searched your store last week and want to see your latest items, where do I go?
Viewing the most recently listed items is easy - head over to the "Sort By" drop-down and select "Newly Listed". You will now see the most recently listed items first.

Why do I not see actual images for stamps in the Modern period?
Most all stamps in the Modern period of Cuba were printed in large quantities and most all are consistent in their printing method (the centering and other condition of the stamps does not vary much). For this reason, Cuba Postal shows you an image generated from our catalogue. Although you will not see a scan of the stamps you are buying, we assure that the stamp(s) you are purchasing are to the quality described in the condition section under the set or stamp.

Note: if there is ever any dispute in quality, we will honor a refund and refund shipment costs. (see our Refund Policy )

Note that some of the higher priced stamps or sets of the Modern era may have individually scanned images. In those cases, you would receive the stamp(s) pictured.

Why are there very few or no Colonial Period stamps listed?
Cuba Postal is growing and expanding every day. We started with the most collected part of Cuba's philatelic history - the Republic. Every day, we will be adding more stamps to our catalogue and store in an effort to fill those gaps. Stay tuned.

To the top right hand corner of the stamp I am viewing, I see an exclamation point - what is that alert?
You have come across a stamp that has a special condition. These special conditions are indicators of a fault in the stamp, be it on the gum side or face of the stamp. Typically, the price of these stamps has been adjusted heavily to compensate for the fault.

Below find a list of the special conditions you will find on the site with a small description:

Minor/Heavy Crease: Stamp is visibly creased but often times is hard to spot in the scan - it may simply be a corner.

Minor/Heavy Thin: A thin on the gum of the stamp is found - often times the thin can be seen on the face of the stamp.

Minor/Heavy Curling: When stamps are exposed to air some curling may occur; this curling is difficult to see in the scan.

Torn Perforation: This special condition relates to stamp blocks and sheets - perforation has come undone due to wear.

Damaged Perforation: This special condition relates to single stamps typically - the perforation is damaged or ripped.

Pin Hole: Item has a hole; this fault is typically visible in the scan.

Tear: This special condition can apply to any item and is typically visible in the scan.

Damaged Face: The face of the item has been damaged.

Why are some items that are toned or have disturbed gum not marked as so?
Stamps, Sheets and Covers of the Republic era tend to be toned, especially those prior to the 1950s. For this reason, many stamps have what seems like yellow gum. This may not be reflected in the conditions of the stamp, but it has been accounted for in the price of the item.

I have another question that has not been answered - where can I contact you?
Visit the Contact Us page to submit any questions you may have.


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