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How do I search the Catalogue?
There are two key ways of searching the Catalogue: "full search" and search by year.

To utilize the "full search" - you will find a "Search Catalogue" field where you can enter a Keyword. Enter a description of the stamp you're looking for and all stamps related to that word will appear.

To navigate the store by year, the best thing to do is select the year you are looking for by clicking on the gray button with white arrow leading to the Catalogue "Year Display". Here you will be able to review all the stamps issued in that particular year and navigate via the Prior Year and Next Year buttons.

Can I see a larger image of the stamp I am interested in?
Yes, simply click on the stamp or the magnifying glass icon to see the stamp in its blown-up size. You can also select the stamp and see other important details on the stamp's description page.

Some of the stamps I am searching for have a red shopping cart below them - what does this mean?
This red shopping cart indicates that these stamps have available listings in our Store. Upon clicking on the cart, you will be directed to our store where you will find that particular stamp or a related stamp (a stamp that is a apart of that particular set).

Note: If you put your cursor over the red shopping cart, you will see how many related items there are available of the stamp you looking at.

What is the varieties drop-down box?
Within philately there are many cases of stamp varieties and errors and as our Catalogue grows, these varieties will be shown. Color varieties, stamp errors, and other variations can be added to your Catalogue experience. There are three settings, explained below:

Excluded: Stamp varieties are not included in the list of catalogued stamps - you will not see them anywhere in your search.

Included: Stamp varieties are included in the list of catalogued stamps - you will see them throughout all your searches.

Only: This setting is for those collectors looking to only see varieties.


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